Frequently Asked Questions


What Part do I need for my Clicgear ?

Unsure what part you need for your Clicgear Buggy, send an email to requesting a “Clicgear Parts Brochure” and one will be sent out to you.

We are in the process of upgrading our website to include all this information.


How do I adjust the front wheel of my buggy to stop it veering to the right or left?

If the buggy veers to the left (right), use the allen wrench provided to screw the right (left) bolt counter-clockwise or the left (right) bolt clockwise until the front wheel is centered between the front fork.


One of my springs is damaged. Can I get by with just one?

You can, but….
As with any duel part, if one goes you are best off replacing both. Chances are the one you don’t change won’t perform as well as the new one.


How do I put on my new handle grip?

Firstly, make sure to remove all of the old/damaged grip. Clean the handle of dust or rubber fragments. Squeeze a small amount of dish-washing liquid inside the new grip, and then just proceed to slide the new grip along the handle to the correct position. Wipe off any excess liquid and allow to dry.


Can I get replacement parts for my Buggy?

Yes you can.
Under Par Pty Ltd carries a full range of spare parts for all buggies sold by us. You can purchase and pay for your item on this website.


What is I want a part under the warranty for my purchase?

Yes you can.
Simply send an email to providing the details you used to register for warranty and a copy of your receipt of purchase and we will be in touch to process your claim.